Parade Rules


  1. Your information and confirmation notice, which includes your entry number and formation location, will be mailed to you after the weekend preceding the festival weekend.
  2. All children under 18 years of age participating in the Elk Grove Western Festival parade must have written consent from their parent or legal guardian.
  3. Any child who is participating in an equestrian event and is 8 or younger must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. Adult(s) accompanying children must dress appropriately for the entry category.
  5. Floats must be at least 75% decorated. Commercial entries must be at least 50% decorated.
  6. Entries must be in position at 9:00am.
  7. No one will be permitted to go into a formation area or participate in the parade after 9:45am.
  8. Any entries delaying the parade may be moved back in the parade or removed from the parade.
  9. No political statements or handouts allowed. You may only display your name and current elected position.
  10. Entries may only stop and perform in front of the review stand. Bands and Drill Teams will be disqualified if they stop at any other point other than the review stand. The review stand will be in front of the Community Services District (CSD) building at 8820 Elk Grove Blvd.
  11. There is a TWO MINUTE time limit in the judging area. Time starts when the first person of the unit crosses over the starting line. The starting and ending lines will be visible on the pavement. There will be a ten point penalty for every thirty seconds or fraction thereof over the one minute allowed.
  12. Any entry leaving the parade route before reaching Elk Grove High School will be disqualified. Any entry leaving then returning to the parade route before the parade is finished will be disqualified.
  13. To prevent any injuries to parade participants or spectators, the throwing of candy, balloons, etc., is prohibited during the parade.
  14. During the parade, do not leave your assigned position or go around or through other entries or you will be disqualified.
  15. Please keep a maximum distance of 50 feet between you and the entry in front of you.
  16. Float designers should call the CSD Fire Department at (916)405-7100 to schedule an appointment with an inspector to review their float plans prior to construction of the float. Parade Float Requirements Guide here at



via phone 916-686-5054 or
via email at


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